Perfect way to cook rice with Rice Cooker

As a staple food, rice certainly can not be missing in your daily menu. The easiest way to cook rice, of course is to use a rice cooker or a rice cooker machine. While it is easy, but some people are still difficult to get perfect rice quality when cooking rice. Not infrequently the rice is too soft, or too hard. As reported by The Kitchen, following a perfect way to cook rice using a memperbaiki rice cooker:

Start by looking at the guidelines

Instructions here fairly common to most types of rice cookers. Even so, it's good to go back to check the guidelines obtained on purchases before the start.

Most of the rice cooker using the ratio of rice with a rate of one cup of rice, one cup of water. Use the same ratio when cooking with larger portions. Smaller portions are also possible, but water will not absorb at the same level, so you may need to do a few times to find out what works best with your rice cooker.

Rice cooker may be somewhat different, even between models of the same brand. Start with basic ratios and yan techniques described earlier and adjust based on your experience with your personal rice cooker.

Add rice and open your
Easiness rice cooker is this tool really helps lighten your work in cooking rice. After entering the rice and water, and close it, you just heat up at the right temperature. Note the steam and the pressure inside the cooker, and turn off when it has tanak. Most of the magic com rusak has a on / off button, so you do not even need to think of the cooking time.

Two key factors perfectly cooked with the rice cooker
First, rinse your rice under running water before transferring it to the rice cooker. It sweeps up the excess starch and helps make the rice from getting too sticky.

Second, let the remaining rice after cooking for at least 10 minutes before serving is closed. This time lag helps ripen and remove residual steam and make fluffier rice.

Clean up your rice cooker
To clean, remove all of the rice and then leave the lid open to allow the inside to dry. Any leftover rice can easily be swept away and you can clean the inside clean with a sponge or towel.

If the rice cooker has a nonstick coating, be careful not to use metal utensils or you may scratch the coating.