Beberapa Mobil Murah Harga 100 Jutaan Terbaru

The dilemma is plagued consumers four-wheeled vehicles one of which was to determine buying a car with a manual or automatic transmission. Mobil Murah 100 Jutaan with the development progress of the automotive industry, as now, the car kind of scooter can be found easily. manufacturers / producers were racing race car newest product in the market. let alone the price offered was quite competitive and can still reach.

Society was increasingly tempted by car type matic, to womanhood auto matic obviously be the first choice because it feels simple and easy. a car with automatic transmission in drive certainly easier for us because we do not have to be confused constantly shifting gears to adjust the speed. everything is done automatically. practically you only focus on the gas and brake pedal alone.

If you want to hunt, a lot of really nice nice matic models sold in Indonesia. the price range of kinds ranging from the inexpensive to the expensive one. we did not discuss that expensive this time, we will see 5 types matic car at a bargain price the range of 100 million only. if it is still too expensive, this is already the most inexpensive because we are talking about a new car and not the former. if you want that is below 100 million, to buy the second condition / used. so go see five list along with brief review below. quite affordable compared to its competitors given suzuki splash equipped with 4-cylinder 1200cc engine with DOHC technology. one of the advantages is that the cabin is quite spacious.

This car is very cute in terms of dimensions, the length is only about 3.5 meters. loh how can large cabin space but uuran small car. yah he superiority, even though from the outside looks small, but when you sign in you will be surprised. This car is also claimed to be very efficient because of its very light weight. Matic Car Cheap Price. Karimun arise with the automatic transmission in karimun series wagon R matic AGS. prices for most types of cheapness GL only the range of 100 million only, very cheap is not it ?. and more cool again, you can change and drive a car with automatic transmission / automatic or manual. yup you can change the transmission into manual or automatic mode as desired. so to buy this car, you seemed to have two cars.

Harga Mobil 100 Jutaan

Toyota Agya. Matic Car Cheap Price. Streets may frequently encountered this car. well his name is also a Toyota, the automotive market in particular controlled by the Indonesian car toyota. if you talk of quality, Toyota is no doubt about it. so each issued a new type directly attacked. one such type of Toyota Agya. This car issued a series of A / T transmission in every model. all models sold Toyota Agya the range of 100 million only. Agya generally equipped with a DOHC / 3-cylinder, 12 Valves, DOHC capable of producing maximum power of 6000 rpm. The power is enough to deliver you around urban satisfied that the car is designed as a city car / urban car. While the maximum torque that can be produced Toyota Agya is at 3600 rpm.

Daihatsu Ayla. Daihatsu ayla is generally good in terms of design, interior, exterior and specs almost similar to Toyota Agya. ayla using 3-cylinder engine of 1,000 cc 1KR-DE with a 5-speed automatic transmissions. for maximum power that ddihasilkan only reach 65 Kw at 6000 rpm, then for himself scored torque 8.7 Nm / 3600 rpm. while its dimensions are P X L X T: 3600 x 1600 x 1520 mm. for the price of 100 million, this car is worth having if only to get around with a distance that is not too far away.

Honda Matic Brio . Matic Car Cheap Price. Honda brio be the most devastating in terms of both engine performance and everything on the list this time. indeed brio least one level above the 4 listed above. This is a variant that is suitable for those of you who have more budget. despite the cabin and the trunk is not too wide, but the outstanding performance of the engine and fit ridden by young children. ability hadlingnya also nice. the point if we do not talk price, then brio that was the number one.

How? you are confused in determining the choice? each car certainly has its advantages and disadvantages of each. you live determines in accordance with needs. if you need a quality machine or room legah? for full specifications please browse the internet. thank you for visiting.

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