Tips Modification Good and Secure

Interested to motor modification? before her please refer modified various types, brands, as well as the type of motor can be transformed into a motor that look super. Because of the element of prestige and pride also played a role in the hobby of motor modifications, it is for the enthusiast motorcycle modification would be willing to spend any money to get modif CB motor according to what they want.

For those of you who love to challenge the adrenaline to speed, definitely want the speed of the motor increases. So, what should be modified so that the motor you look faster? Here are some ways to modify the motor to make it faster.

Tips Modification

1. Expanding Hole Flushing Motorcycles
This mixture of gas and air that continued into the combustion chamber greatly affect the performance of motor vehicles. What should be done is to expand the space flushing. As more and more gas entering the better the gas density so that the compression is much more increased. But do not expand flushing hole too wide, it will cause the engine quickly broken.

2. Replace Gear Motor
Replace gear your motor vehicle with a smaller and lighter, it is done so that the motor speed you become more balanced. Check Harga V-Belt Motor Matic.

3. Add Power
Standard power in motor vehicles is 6 Volt. Change of electric power to 12 Volt.

4. Reduce Weight Piston
Piston is too heavy will make the engine work are extra. In order for the bike to work better and faster, how to reduce the weight of the piston motorcycle.

5. Tire Size
Tire size also affects the performance of the engine. The larger the tire, it will require excessive engine performance so that the effect is also firmly iritnya motorcycle. Select a standard size that is more secure, because it affects the security and performance of the machine.

6. Rocker Arm
Rocker Arm commonly called a sleeve valve pounder. This tool serves to continue suppression of the trunk to the rocker arm shaft and memilihan good is having a lighter weight but stronger.

7. Reduce Fuel Volume Space (Cylinder Head)
Fuel compression merawat Injeksi chamber largely determines the power generated. In principle, the higher the compression of the fuel, the greater the power generated. To produce high compression in the combustion chamber, can be done by reducing the volume of the combustion chamber. In the motorcycle generally, this is done by grinding the cylinder head so that the combustion chamber is reduced and compression increases.

Read also Modif RX-King. Preferably, do not do this for a wild race very risky. Besides being able convicted criminal, illegal racing activities are also very dangerous for you. Enough article about how to modify the motorcycle to make it faster.